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At the beginning of the 20th century Sergiyev Posad was called "the toy capital of Russia". More than 30 craft societies on production of wooden toys used to work in the town. The first nested doll looked like this «Master ART» factory of a Russian nested doll Matrioshka (Sergiyev Posad) carries on and increases traditions of old masters. Our artists carefully keep the recognizable style of traditional Matrioshka of Sergiyev Posad.
The first nested doll looked like this



You can see the whole course of a nested doll manufacture - from a lime log to a ready painted toy on our indicative manufacture. It is completely handwork as well as 100 years ago. Even in the course of varnishing nothing can replace the master's hands.

Master Class

They say that it is impossible to find two absolutely identical nested dolls. You can assure yourself in our master class on nested dolls painting and to create your own souvenir under the leadership of the skilled artist. Everyone creates the only and unique nested doll which will remain to you from memory of your visit «Master ART» factory in Sergiyev Posad - the homeland of Russian dolls.



For groups over 11 people the fee is 500 RUR / a person
For a group from 1 to 10 people - 5000 RUR per a group

We accept orders for manufacturing of dolls

  • the traditional Sergiev Posad nesting doll
  • author's matryoshka
  • with your company logo
  • for congratulations on the professional holidays: doctor, teacher, firefighter, accountant, etc

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